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Rastas & Maroons: Rebels of the Caribbeans

$29.95 $9.99

RASTAS & MAROONS is a 2-DVD set featuring The First Rasta (Jamaica/France) a revealing documentary about Leonard Percival Howell, the man who created the Rasta Movement and Aluku Liba, Maroon Again  (French Guiana/Canada), a rare docu-drama about the Aluku or Boni, a Maroon ethnic group living mainly on the riverbank in Maripasoula, southwest French Guiana. THE FIRST RASTAThirty...

Stories of Motherhood with "Family Motel" & "Seasons of a Life"

$29.95 $9.99

STORIES OF MOTHERHOOD Two films that explore the commitment of motherhood by looking at the life of two African women, in "Family Motel" Ayan, a Somalian refugee living in Canada fights to raise her two teenage daughters, in "Seasons of Life," a housemaid, who is sexually abused is forced to...