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STORIES IN EXILE: THE CITIZEN & BLACK DJU: Two fiction films that explore life in exile. Set in Hungary, THE CITIZEN follows Guinea-Bissau political refugee Wilson. BLACK DJU is a drama set in Luxembourg about a young man from Cape Verde looking for his father. THE CITIZEN In his late fifties...


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Sons Of Benkos Trailer Art from ArtMattan Productions on Vimeo. SONS OF BENKOS  DIRECTED BY LUCAS SILVA COLOMBIA AND FRANCE/ 2003 / SPANISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES / 52 MIN SYNOPSIS An entertaining documentary that explores the African culture of Colombia through music. The film presents the music of the Sons of Benkos,...

REVOLUTIONARY WOMEN 2 DVD Set: Made in Bangladesh and She Had a Dream

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MADE IN BANGLADESH   Shimu, 23, works in a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Faced with difficult conditions at work, she decides to start a union with her co-workers. Despite threats from the management and disapproval of her husband, Shimu is determined to go on. Together the women must fight...

ADIFF Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

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SUPPORT ADIFF! Donate to the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) with the purchase of a black Long sleeve 100% cotton Sweat Shirt  (size: M, L, or XL) Logo upper left: "I Love the African Diaspora" Back: "ADIFF  African Diaspora International Film Festival"  


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AFRO-BRAZILIAN CINEMA with QUILOMBO and HUMAN BEHAVIOR Two films exploring the human experience of the Afro-Brazilian, past and present: Quilombo the classic epic story of Palmares, a colony of mostly runaway Africans during the 17th century in Brazil and Human Behavior a short film based on the true story of the Candelaria massacre.   QUILOMBO     Quilombo Trailer...

Boys of Africa: Nelio's Story & Almodou - 2 disc set

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NELIO’S STORY / COMEDIA INFANTIL Shot in Mozambique, but set in an unnamed city, the film depicts the life of an orphan boy, Nelio, whose parents were killed by guerrillas. He escapes to the city and finds magic there and is soon rumored to possess healing powers, in this violent,...

Nigerian Tales with THE LAST TREE & GLORIOUS EXIT - 2 disc set

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THE LAST TREE tells the compelling coming-of-age story of a Black British boy of Nigerian descent in London.  In GLORIOUS EXIT Jarreth Merz, a Swiss-Nigerian actor living in Los Angeles, is summoned to Nigeria to bury his father.  THE LAST TREE 2021 NAACP Awards Nominee for Outstanding International Motion Picture! Femi, a...

London Love Stories - No Shade & The Naked Poet

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Two wonderful romantic comedy-dramas that tell stories of Black Love in London! NO SHADE No Shade explores the hardships of the modern dating world through the dysmorphic presence of colorism as well as the fetishization of black women in a way that is tactful and honest. With a wonderful performance...

Foreign Body & Stambali

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DOUBLE DVD - SPOTLIGHT ON TUNISIA - In FOREIGN BODY, a young Tunisian woman arrives illegally in France following her escape from Tunisia’s mounting Islamist fundamentalism.  In Tunisia, the history of STAMBALI goes back to the arrival of the first Africans taken as slaves from Mali, Timbuktu specifically...    FOREIGN BODYDIRECTED...