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100% Arabica

$29.95 $9.99

The joyous and vibrant sound of rai - a centuries-old Algerian folk music known for its often racy and politically charged lyric, and influenced over the years by flamenco, jazz and, most recently rap-gorgeously suffuse 100% Arabica’s culture-clash story.In a housing project located on the outskirts of Paris renamed "100%...

A King Behind the Camera - 2 disc set

$29.95 $9.99

KING AMPAW is a Germany trained Ghanaian filmmaker whose work has gained international recognition. Kukurantumi, The Road to Accra, winner Film Critics Award, FESPACO 1985, is one of two feature films - with No Time to Die - in this double set DVD "A KING BEHIND THE CAMERA" that offers...

ADIFF Short Sleeve T Shirt

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SUPPORT ADIFF! Donate to the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) with the purchase of a black short sleeve "Fruit of the Loom" T Shirt  (size: S, M, L, XL or 2XL) Logo upper left: "I Love the African Diaspora" Back: "ADIFF  African Diaspora International Film Festival"  

ADios Momo / Good-Bye Momo

$29.95 $9.99

Obdulio, an 11-year-old Afro-Uruguayan boy, can neither read nor write and lives with his sisters and grandmother and helps support them by selling newspapers - One evening, he discovers that the night watchman at the newspaper is a magical Maestro, who introduces him to the power of literacy and the...

African Leaders: Frantz Fanon & Amilcar Cabral - 2 disc set

$29.95 $9.99

Portrait of two leaders of the Pan-African Liberation Movement: Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral. Using rare archival footage, director Ana Lucia Ramos Lisboa accurately chronicles both the personal and public sides of an African icon in Amilcar Cabral (Cape Verde/ Portugal, 2001, 52 mins., in Portuguese with English Subtitles). The founder...

African Women: An Uncommon Woman & Cape Verde My Love

$29.95 $9.99

Two fiction films that explore the life of women in Africa. Set in Burkina Fasso AN UNCOMMON WOMAN is a comedy about a cuckold woman who decides to take a second husband. CAPE VERDE MY LOVE is drama that takes a critical look at the lives of women in contemporary...

Afro-Brazilian Leaders - Abdias do Nascimento and Natal da Portela

$29.95 $9.99

Revealing films about two very important Afro-Brazilian figures:* Abdias do Nascimento (March 14, 1914 – May 23, 2011) was an outspoken and vibrant defender of Afro-Brazilian civil rights.* Natalino José do Nacimento, better known as Natal Da Portela (July 31, 1905- April 5, 1975) was one of the founders and...

Afro-Cuba: Yesterday & Today - 2 disc set

$29.95 $9.99

Two exciting, colorful films spotlight the African roots of Cuba's culture by focusing on two legendary artists -- Rumbero Papa Montero and Filmmaker Sara Gomez -- in this unique box set. THE LAST RUMBA OF PAPA MONTERO / LA ULTIMA RUMBA DE PAPA MONTERO Get ready to rumba! The life...

Black Women Speak Out! Sexy Money & Looking for Life

$29.95 $9.99

Revealing films that give a voice to black women in the developing world:* Sexy Money is a wrenching testimony of the challenges faced by two women in Nigeria struggling to navigate a corrupt and ruthless capitalist and sexist environment.* Looking for Life follows two Haitian women's daily work and the constant battle for survival...